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Cash Reserve Investment Management

As a financial manager, you most likely have unique needs for the management of the cash flow of your business. When cash accumulates beyond working capital needs, we offer an extremely innovative product that combines daily liquidity and enhanced investment return. One of our Advisors can work with you to put our CRIM, Cash Reserve Investment Management Account to work for your business. Utililizing the CRIM account, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Preservation of your principal
  • Optimization of returns through variation of liquid investment
  • Continuation of high issue credit quality
  • Customization of strategy to meeting your liquidity needs

We believe that active management of your organization's cash holdings can earn a competitive return without exposing your assets to unnecessary credit risk.

Cash Reserve Investment Management is not affiliated with Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.

Fulton Financial Advisors operates through Fulton Bank, N.A. and other subsidiaries of Fulton Financial Corporation.

Securities and Insurance Products:
•Not FDIC-Insured •Not Insured by any Federal Government Agency
• No Financial Institution Guarantee •Subject to Risk
•May Lose Value •Not a Deposit